Tales of an RFID Integrator

Helpful advice for ATA Spec 2000 RFID applications

About Me

I love being outdoors and enjoy days that aren’t monotonous.  Perhaps that’s why I love working as an application engineer.  I love the continuous challenge and ability to tinker with so many cool techy tools and gadgets.  I also enjoy farming and have a thriving vegetable garden in my back yard.


Interests:  high tech anything, computers, RFID, systems integration, and gardening


Hobbies:  gardening and RC anything (planes, cars, boats…)


Favorite books: I don’t read much fiction, but can’t resist a good manual or web tutorial.


Favorite movies: Lawnmower Man, BladeRunner, and John Carter


Favorite actors and actresses: Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry

Favorite sport: Football

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